The Hydraulic Road Block Barriers are often used to prevent vehicle assasins loaded with bombs at vehicle entrance exits requiring high security.

They are designed to be robust enough not to be overtaken by high-tonnage vehicles, but to be minimally impacted by the impact of these vehicles.

Hydraulic road blocker is mainly suitable for control of security units, military entrances, airports, embassies and sensitive sheltered traffic


The road block will not be affected by the passage of 30-ton vehicles while the bar is open (landed on traffic).


If a truck of 7.5 tones is hit by 80 km / h, the damage is not exceeded by 30%. When the vehicle is removed, the system is designed to continue operation and open the road to traffic.

Hydraulic road block block road blocker sub-block (joint buried part) The junction points of the upper movable barriers made of 100 NPI are fixed with special design hinge system from at least 6 points according to the barrage metrical.

The moving part of the road block barrier is supported by a triangular NPI profile from the lower part of the barrier to the upper moving NPI casement 6 points when the upper part of the movable part of the road block is raised to the upper NPI (when the barrier path closes the traffic). Thus, for the purpose of the barrier, the load from the front collision is transferred to the lower chassis, and the hydraulic hinge, which is the barrier hinge and the moving piston, does not load.

In the event of a frontal collision, the barrier is designed so that the initial impact load of the barrier corresponds to the extra strengthening NPU core located at the front upper part, the incoming load is transferred to the lower chassis and transmitted to the cushion by relieving it with shock absorbing feature.

In this model, the front cover collapses the impact and bends in the covers at the moment of impact. The car is accelerated to the bottom of the load barrier from the top of the barrier so that the vehicle does not accelerate upwards at the time of the collision.

Therefore, after the windshield and debris on the energy barriers that have been hit by the vehicle, the barriers will continue to work even if they are damaged.

A PLC based microprocessor control card and anticrash (panic, emergency, early intervention) special design hydraulic unit is used in the system to ensure safe operation of the hydraulic barrier and to ensure safe flow of normal daily traffic.





380 V 3000d/d 9A (GAMAK MARKA) Türkiye üretimi

Operating Temperature

-25 +70 °C

Protection Class

IP 54

Hydraulic Pump

22 cc  Made İn İtaly

Hydraulic Piston

50x500  Made İn Turkey

Selenoid Valf:

NG 10 Stopper Circuit

Barrier width

4000 mm

Barrier rising block

750 mm

Barrier Breadth

1230 mm

Type of Steel Used in Barriers


ST 44 Carbon Steel,912 NPU, 912 NPI


Üst sac 10 mm dkp

Ön sac 4 mm dkp

Yan saclar 4 mm dkp

Kasa kaplama 2 mm dkp

Working speeds

4-6 Sec Optional

Emergency Fast Operations

Optional:  2-3 sec

Water Evacuation System

Standart:     3/4″  All in One Water Pump

Control Type

PLC Control

Unit Panels

600x800x900x1.5 mm Static Color Sheet Metal Panel Our own production.

Control Mechanisms


Remote Control, Push Button,

Mechanic Start /Stop Button



Touch Display(LCD)

Traffic Lights

Standart:        Red-Green Traffic Lights

Loop Detection


Daily Work Tour

1200 Tour Per Day




Kontrol otomasyon kutu ebatları 50x30x15 cm.

  • Loop-sensor
  • PLC controller
  • Radio receiver card
  • Mekanik basma buton
  • Uzaktan kumanda
  • Display controller (Optional)

Ayrıca her türlü giriş kontrolle uygundur.




Hidrolik Ekipmanlar
  • 4′ Kw elektrik motoru ve
  • 22 cc hidrolik pompa,
  • 30 litrelik yağ tankı,
  • 220 V Kapalı merkezi solenoid valf,
  • sıcaklık ve yağ seviyesi göstergesi,
  • ısıtıcı veya soğutucu (opsiyonel)
  • elektrik kesintileri durumunda yolu trafiğe açmak için El krikosu
  • 100 lük trafik lambası